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New Treatments and Offers

Frangipani Favourites


Melt away your tensions with a luxurious salt scrub that melts on contact to leave your skin beautifully soft and nourished. Mineral rich salts and hibiscus give the skin a deep down exfoliation, whilst an infusion of exotic Tahitian monoi oil and frangipani flowers seal in moisture. This is then followed by a Frangipani Deep Tissue back of body  Massage to alleviate high stress levels, eases aching muscles and revives the senses the fanaley of the treatment is a relaxing hand and arm massage.

60.00 1hr 30mins - Available August To November.


Jane Iredale Makeup Artist (11th September)

Choose between our Am or Pm Events to celebrate 20 years of Jane Iredale and view their exclusive 20th Anniversary collection.

Festive breakfast with lunch at Albert’s worsley
(11th September PM)

Come and watch the latest techniques and fashion colour trends for autumn winter and be part of :-“An Audience With Becky” Becky is Jane Iredales makeup artist we will require models ladies please let us know if you would like Becky or Fae to update your look for autumn 2014.

Transport provided to and from Albert’s.

Lunch time set menu - 9.15am until 3.00pm.

£60 per person - £40 redeemable on makeup purchase.

The perfect girls day out!

(Limited bookings available at this event)

One to One VIP Jane Iredale makeup event
(11th September PM)

Each session is 45 minutes long this is the perfect opportunity to get colour matched and  receive a makeover session to update your look.

£30.00 booking fee fully redeemabsle against any makeup purchase.


Pro intense Lift Week

In September Hayley, Natalie and Fae will complete Elemis pro Intense lift facial training.

Plant stem cells, nutrient-rich natural lipids and firming plant actives. Powerful lifting techniques target sagging jowls, cheeks, chin, and neck, whilst helping to reduce puffiness and fluid retention associated with sagging skin. 96% of women stated their facial contours appeared shaped, lifted and firmed.

Available 16th September until 20th September

50% off all week. Come and sample the new shape, lift and firm facial for £34.75

New Elemis Machine Arriving in November

Bio tech

All staff will be trained in house at aura ssfor the arrival of our new elemis bio tech machine

10th - 13th November the salon will be closed due to training

Elemis BIOTEC delivers 7 NEW highly-effective, super-charged facial treatments to re-boot cellular performance, enhancing the skin's ability to repair, renew and re-tone. Revealing a new generation of facials, each treatment targets specific skin needs to deliver immediate, visible, long-lasting results. The skin's unique bio-chemistry is constantly compromised. Lifestyle, sunlight, stress, age, illness and medication cause a breakdown in cellular energy and communication, resulting in a weakened skin structure, stressed and unbalanced skin. Unresponsive cells need NEW STIMULI to help re-boot cellular performance and re-establish effective cell communication, enhancing the skin's ability to repair, renew and re-tone. After in-depth studies and research, Elemis found that combining a unique synergy of 3 targeted STIMULI - TOUCH, TECHNOLOGY and ACTIVES - it was possible to deliver immediate, visible and longer-lasting results.



Xmas Event - 18th November

Enjoy a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie a free gift wrap service at our exclusive launch of the new Bio tech skin treatment from elemis. We will also be show casing the elemis 2014 xmas range

30 minute Taster session of the new Elemis bio tech treatment

Choose from one of the Bio Tech  

Triple-tec Anti-Wrinkle Facial
The ultimate wrinkle-smoothing facial to rejuvenate ageing skin.

Micro Firm-a-Lift Facial
Super-lift facial to help firm and tighten cheeks, neck and jaw line.

Sonic Skin-Resurfacing Facial
Revolutionary resurfacing facial to even skin tone, reduce blemish marks and smooth fine lines.

Sonic Skin-Radiance Facial
Radiance-boosting, bio-electric facial to energise tired, dull and stressed skin.

L.E.D. Blemish Control Facial
Deep cleansing, light therapy facial to visibly clear and re-balance oily, blemish prone skin.

O2 Sensitive Skin Soothing Facial
De-sensitising anti-redness facial, to sooth and calm a delicate skin.

Super-Charge Facial for Men
High performance facial for men to de-grease, de-age and calm a stressed, dehydrated skin

Elemis New Day and Night Creams

Elemis product launch now in stock.

Pop in for a free consultationss

from £38.00


Aura App

Free to download at for iPhone or any Android phone and updated daily by Grant by 10am every morning, the app is the perfect way of keeping up-to-date with our daily last minute appointments and last minute offers along with instant access to our web site and company information.You can request an appointment through the app and recommend us to friends.

Also if you have any feedback on other features you would like via the app then contact me and I will be more than happy to look into this.



Due to the growing interest the Elemis club will be running again in 2014. Costs 100 to join and you receive 40% off Auras Elemis spa price list, 10% OFF Elemis retail and an Elemis Gift when you join. The Perfect way to plan your own spa sessions at a discount!
If you would like some more information and would like to join please call the salon on 01204 846444.

*offers cannot be used in conjunction with one another

A form of collagen induction therapy intended to smooth wrinkles, improve acne scarring and uneven skin tone.
Skin needling with a skin roller produces hundreds of tiny dermal injuries. Each dermal injury triggers the normal healing response within the skin and successive treatments build new collagen.

NEW Elipse superlight Laser has arrived

The Elipse SuperLight* is good for long-term hair removal,
 facial thread vein removal, acne clearance and treatment of sun-damaged skin.

Skin rejuvination
Pigmentation 1-3 treatments (at 4 weeks intervals
Redness 3-6 treatments (at 4 week intervals)
Collagen stimulation 6 treatments (exactly 4 week intervals )
Acne 4 treatments (2-3 week intervals )

Special 30% Off on prices below

Skin rejuvination hyperpigmentation ,acne,
Full face
Full face incl neck
Full face incl decollete'

Facial thread veins from 50
2- 4 treaments (with 4 week intervals )

125 x per treatment
150 per treatment
175 per treatment
75 per treatment
85 per treatment


Advanced Skin Technologies

BioSkin Jetting

BioSkin Jetting by Sterex is a natural stimulation of the skins properties, not requiring the injection of any foreign substances and is based upon the skins own natural regeneration capabilities. By activating the area immediately underneath the wrinkle, the skin is stimulated into forming new tissue. This new tissue contains young collagen and elastic fibres that spread through the wrinkle.

The benefits of BioSkinJetting are:

  • ·         No injected substances
  • ·         Non irritating and comfortable
  • ·         Quick results
  • ·         Completely safe
  • ·         Long lasting results

Skin jetting is suitable for the treatment of wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes on the cheeks and the upper lip.

Mesotherapy Product Range

What is Traditional Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a medical technique first devised in the 1950s by a Frenchman called Dr Michel Pistor. It involves the micro-injection of specially prepared active ingredients, injected directly into the skin cell.
Mesotherapy was initially used to treat such conditions as rheumatism, sports injuries, and for the improvement of blood circulation, but is now used successfully world-wide by medical practitioners for various cosmetic conditions, including skin rejuvenation, hair re-growth, localised fat reduction, and as a treatment for cellulite.
Even though Mesotherapy is an incredibly effective treatment many people are not comfortable with the concept of multiple injections as they can often cause bruising and soreness, so aesthetics manufacturers like ourselves have sought ways to offer a no-needle alternative.

No Needle Mesotherapy

By using the Ultra Sonic technology on the Cryoderm along side the new Aesthetic Mesotherapy Product range you are able to offer your clients a professional no needle Mesotherapy treatment.
Ultra sound acts as a delivery mechanism for the active ingredients, pushing product through the dermal layers of the skin without the use of a needle. In turn it will temporarily allow the cell membranes to become permeable allowing the cell to absorb the vital nutrients contained within each active ingredient.
This technology allows the beautician/Aesthetician to perform a Transdermal infusion of products designed and formulated to create a no needle version of Mesotherapy.

Please call the salon on 01204 846444 to book an appointment.

IPL laser hair removal
50% off a new area of IPL. All areas included. Book now to avoid disappointment limited numbers available .

Unfortunately gift vouchers cannot be redeemed against our monthly offers.

Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Therapy


 After years of research,science has finally perfected the first pain free,safe and affordable replacement for collagen injections etc.
The result is a relaxing,easy way of treating the following:
Ages spots
Scar tissue
Broken Capillaries
Other benefits include:
Better skin elasticity and firmness
Detoxification and oxygenation of the skin
Promotes healthy skin regeneration
How does the Red light therapy work?
The special lamps produce light at a specific wavelength (633nm).This light stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin fibers in the skin lower dermis.
The regenerated fibers produced by Photo Bio Stimulation give visible smoothing affects on wrinkles and reactivates the skins natural metabolism.The light penetrates 10mm into the skin.
How long is the treatment for?
We recommend a course of twelve sessions, three times a week for four weeks at 12 minutes per session.
The red light therapy treatment should be repeated every 3 to 4 months with a 1 month break inbetween, The course of one months worth of treatment IS 120.
For further information please call us on 01204 846 444

Photo Shoot @ aura 2nd April.

Big Thanks To :-
Makeup by Kate @ aura
Hair by H2O & KW Hairdressing,
Fashion by Nude Boutique
A & M Photography


New state of the art infra-red sauna.

•Relives pain by bringing more oxygen to the body
•Diminishes inflammation and speeds up recovery
•Excellent for rheumatism, arthritis and haemorrhoids.
•Good for psoriasis, scars and eczema
•Smooth's and firms the skin
•Eliminates extra salts and subcutaneous fat
•Burn up to 600 calories per half hour session
You don't add water to this sauna you have a manual control that you can set your self .

sauna 10.00 for 20 minute session
sauna 15.00 for 45 minute session


Full set semi-permanent eyelash extensions

2 hr application normally 70.00
Maintenance (45mins) 27.00
Maintenance (1hr) 35.00

Lashes are made thicker and longer through professional application of an individual synthetic eyelash directly onto the natural eyelash with a specially formulated bonding agent.
• Lash Perfect Eyelash Extensions are very light and comfortable on the eyes. When applied professionally they do not damage the natural eyelash which can be the case with traditional self applied false eyelashes.
• Lash Perfect lashes will naturally darken your lashes as they will be fuller and more visible.
• Lash Perfect lashes, when cared for and with regular maintenance, can last up to 12 weeks. To maintain the fullness of the lashes and to keep their perfect appearance, we do recommend that they are retouched every two to three weeks.
• Lash Perfect lashes are for professional application only and the application procedure is very comfortable and relaxing.
• Lash Perfect lashes can be removed at any time by a professional. Again this procedure is very comfortable and relaxing.
Our Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions look and feel so natural, they can be worn everyday, as well as for special occasions.
Lash perfect full application 2hours .


*offers cannot be used in conjunction with one another



1400 raised for Bolton hospice at our Ladies Night @ Retreat 20th April Thank you to all that attended.


Think you may be intolerant / sensitive to certain foods?
Food sensitivity testing will be carried out by john Callaghan a consultant nutritionist. The test is 40.00 This includes testing for over 120 different foods, a vitamin / mineral test- a Candida check plus testing for pollens, moulds, house dust mites, etc. 10.00 deposit required.
asthetic Clinic is running weekly
Gillian Armstrong is offering injectable treatment with fillers and line tammers etc... please call the salon to find out the dates. 01204 846444

Beauty Salon Telephone:- 01204 846444